Standard Canal Cruise

A standard Amsterdam canal cruise: how does it work?

This is the mainstream Amsterdam canal cruise that most people make. It consists of a fixed route in a large boat with a captain, along with other tourists. In a rather short time (usually about an hour, sometimes a little longer) you will get a good impression of the Amsterdam canals. Most tours also include the scenic Amstel river and a glimpse of the IJ behind Central Station. The majority of these cruises have pre-programmed audio comments in different languages, while some have English live comments instead. Rates range from about € 12,50 to € 20,- per person. All these canal cruises start and end at fixed locations in the city centre.

Pros of a standard Amsterdam canal cruise

  • Efficient: good impression in a short time
  • Includes commentary on highlights
  • Possible on a small budget
  • Wide range of departure times and locations

Cons of a standard Amsterdam canal cruise

  • Mass product
  • Fixed duration and route
  • Sometimes crowded boats
  • Sometimes limited views

Overview of standard Amsterdam canal cruises in large tour boats

Company Location Times Duration Open air Guide Price (Ad./ch.) Online booking Online discount rate
Lovers CS 09.00-22.00 60 partly AG 18 lang. 16,- / 10,- yes 12,60 / 6,75
Stromma CS 09.00-21.00 60 partly AG 19 lang. 16,- / 8,- yes 14,50 / 7,25
Blue Boat Leidseplein 10.00-18.00 75 partly AG 21 lang. 16,- / 8,50 yes 14,- / 7,50
A’dam Canal Cruises Heineken Exp. 10.00-17.45 75 partly AG 19 lang. 16,- / 8,50 yes 14,- / 7,50
Kooij Rokin & CS 10.00-22.00 60 partly AG 10 lang. 13,-/9,- yes 13,-/9,-
Rederij Plas CS 10.00-21.00 60 partly AG 6 lang. 13,-/9,- yes 12,50/9,-

NB 1: Scheduled times are the regular peak season times. Always check the current schedule at the tour company itself.
NB 2: AG = pre-recorded Audio Guide, with number of languages.
NB 3: Please refer to the Google Map at the bottom of this page for an overview of all locations.

Lovers Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Lovers Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Lovers (named after the original founder) is part of the omnipresent Tours & Tickets group. They offer a wide range of traditional canal tours and are a one stop shop for all favourite attractions and tours in Amsterdam, including museums and bus tours. Lovers’ main dock is in front of Central Station. For the very best rates make sure to use our discount code: RVV10

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Canal Tour by Night

Canal Tour by Night

An Amsterdam canal tour by night is a truely different experience from a daylight canal tour. After sun set Amsterdam looks like a fairytale. The canals become very quiet. And all of the streets, bridges and buildings are attractively lit. Avoid the crowds and enjoy this beautiful scenery by booking your Amsterdam canal tour by night using the following discount code: RVVevening10

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Stromma Canal Cruises

Stromma Canal Cruises

Stromma offers a wide selection of traditional canal cruises in terms of locations and departure times. They also sell other types of canal tours, bus tours and combination tickets for boat and bus tours. 

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Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Amsterdam Canal Cruises

‘Amsterdam Canal Cruises’ is part of the Blue Boat Company and has a similar product range. It stands out with a Kids Cruise and its particular location: directly in front of the Heineken Experience.

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