​About Us

Ahoy, I’m Jan Pieter Groeneveld, the skipper in the image above. Over the past 15 years, I have founded, operated, and sold two successful boat rental companies in Amsterdam. Throughout this time, I have gained extensive knowledge of the Amsterdam canals and the numerous cruise companies.

Many visitors to Amsterdam tend to opt for the first, easiest, or most advertised cruise they come across. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the wide range of attractive alternatives, causing them to miss out on the best cruises or even fall into tourist traps.

To address this issue, I have created the Amsterdam Canal Tour Selector. Here, you can easily find the best cruise that suits your budget and preferences. So go ahead, explore, and book the cruise that you will enjoy the most!

What’s the Deal?

Once you find your preferred Amsterdam cruise on our website, you’ll be directed to the website of the cruise operator or to Tiqets, a reputable booking platform. There, you can make your actual booking.

You will pay the regular rate and sometimes even enjoy a nice discount. Plus, you will never have to pay any fees or commission to us or anyone else.

For some of the tours listed on our website, we receive a small commission from the operator or Tiqets.

Contact and Service

Bookings are made directly with the tour company or Tiqets, and their terms and conditions apply. We have no involvement in this and cannot be held liable in any case.

We strive to keep this website up-to-date. However, aspects such as departure times, rates, and locations are subject to constant change. Therefore, always rely on the information provided by the tour company and Tiqets. For any inquiries, complaints, or changes, please contact them directly.

Have a good time on the Amsterdam canals!